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Welcome to the 87th Straydogs

Welcome to the 87th Virtual Fighter Wing (VFW) Straydogs

87th Straydogs VFW was founded in 1999 by a small group of dedicated virtual pilots, and coincided with the release of Falcon 4.0. Sharing a genuine interest in flight simulations and modern aircombat the last 13 years has seen the 87th Straydogs grow and Falcon 4.0 grow along with it! Many of us have met real life during our annual LAN's and Airshows, and we are the longest living virtual wing on the internet. Squadrons of the 87th are based in Europe and America, we span all timezones giving the possibilties to get flights going anytime and anywhere in the world!. Along with our website we are running, voiceservers, ftp and  TeamSpeak , and all the essentials to be able to sustain both our training and combat missions. The combined knowledge of the 87th members is a great source to learn from and to improve yourself upon. In addition we also learn from our new members.

The primary objective for the 87th is to supply its members with the best possible environment for online air combat. We strive to achieve this through our dedication to flying as realistic as possible, hence the term "As Real As It Gets", in the most advanced simulator and training program outside of a real F16 RTU. Techniques, practices and procedures are similar to those used by NATO F16 pilots and follow up courses are available to improve your skills as a virtual aviator.
So are you the "right stuff" for the 87th? I will not hide the fact that the way we fly is demanding and not for the occasional flyer who wants to hop in a have some fun now and again! But, on the other hand if you are as interested in modern aerial warfare as we are, and willing to seriously commit to online flying, this is the place to be! The thrill and satisfaction after an intense mission achieving the briefed objective is hard to beat!

I invite you to step into our site and have a look around! Please feel free to sign into our forums Guest Room and say hello! Maybe you are one of those who will go all the way, strapping on a virtual jet and becoming an 87th Straydog!

(V) Colonel Striker
Wing Commander,
87th Virtual Fighter Wing