30 Mar 2015 - 11:49

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87th News

  • Rhino Promoted

    Effective immediately Rhino has been promoted to Squadron Leader for the 877th and awarded the rank of (v) Major. Rhino has previously served in this capacity, given this experience and his military background I am sure he will serve the squadron well.
  • Pilot Applications 2015

    87th VFW Stray Dogs are accepting new pilot applications for 2015.
    If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the application form.
    (there is a link in the recruitment tab)

    We are looking forward to fly with you!

  • Instructor Pilots

    I am pleased to announce that effective 2nd of December 2014, Ice has stepped up and commited to the position of Instructor Pilot. Caddie is also recomitting as IP!
  • D-Boy Promoted to Captain

    On behalf of command I am pleased to inform you that D-Boy will be promoted to Captain effective immediately due to proven capabilities.
  • 87th Command Changes Hands

    new leadership in Command. From the 1st of December the keys to the Liquor Cabinet(tm) (near empty) are handed over to a refurbished Command consisting of: Wing Commander Spit , Executive Officer Momps, Training Officer Blade, Personnel Officer Hero and Network Officer Booster

Welcome to the 87th Stray Dogs

Together with you the Stray dogs want to step into the new Age of Aviation and CO-OP flights. In the past our wing has proven to be top of the class by sharing a genuine interest in flying, good basic fighter fundamentals and companionship within the wing. For 15 years we have improved our skills, flying as realistically as possible, hence the term
“As Real as it Gets”.

Technologies for multiplayer have been improved and nowadays having a website/ftp, TeamSpeak and IVC server is a basic necessity. A lot of new friendships have been made by the current CO-OP operations and the stable Falcon BMS platform (credits to all the DEV’s and Testers). The next 2 years will be dedicated to improving our internal and external bonds with flight members and other aviators. By improving our skills and combat readiness for large flights we have proven to be the “Best of the Virtual Fighter Community”. If you have the time, passion and commitment, like our 87th members, to train and fly online in a multiplayer environment then strap yourself in and contact our Personnel Officer for a free seat.

Furthermore, I want to say “Thank you”, and on behalf of all the 87th officers salute the retiring staff and command for managing this organization for the past 2 years.

Yours sincerely,
(V) Colonel Spit
Wing Commander
87th Stray Dogs Virtual Fighter Wing

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