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Wing Rules

1 Entry Level Requirements

The 87th is not a Beginners Squadron.
You must be able to fly and land the F16. You must be able to sucessfully employ all common weapons (Slammers, Heaters, Dumb Bombs, LGBs, JDAMs, Mavericks, Harms). You should feel comfortable flying in your offline campaign.
You must be able to refuel in the air.

Your 87th training will focus on tactical formation flying, efficient communication and sound emplpyment of basic tactics in the A2A and A2G arena.

Our instructors will not spoon feed you every bit of information. You will be asked to read and understand various different manuals

Multiplayer experience is not required.

2 Dedication

  1. 87th Stray Dogs is not a wing for the occasional flyer. You must be willing to commit to flying online regularly. On average you should fly at least 4 flights per month in order to apprehend an acceptable (v) operational skill level and awareness. It is so much more fun to fly with confident, instead of being forced to overstress due to missed calls, avionics overstretch and loss of Situational Awareness.
  2. Longer periods of inactivity or lack of communication may be considered as cessation of interest, and a pilot may be moved off the active roster to the reserve roster or discharged after a long unexcused absence. Officers are expected to be willing to show decisive interest and activity within their squadron.
  3. Officers shall submit an "R&R notice" in order to allow for Real Life (TM) events.
  4. Officers have access to the protected area of our website, our Team Speak server, our Forum and our Flight Schedule and all other such resources.
  5. Officers have access to all squadron training and official flights subject to availability of free seats.
  6. Officers may be removed from the active roster into the reserves if they fail to show up for 5 consecutive month without notice.

3 Candidates

  1. By signing up you are initially considered an applicant. Your membership will be considered based on what you fill out in the application form, so if you are serious about becoming a member, you should fill it out properly from the start. You will become Candidate when 87th selection process is ended and you hopefully are accepted. You will remain as Candidate until Your B-IQT course starts up. By then you will be transferred to recruit status and assigned to the 874th Squadron (Training Squadron). This timing will be briefed by Wing Personnel Officer to you when you apply.
  2. We do not allow dual membership, i.e. membership of other online or LAN Falcon 4.0 squadrons. We feel that being a member of two squadrons make you a member of neither. The Stray Dogs is a serious commitment; there is plenty to do.
  3. With age, comes responsibility and maturity. Members must be 18 years or older.

4 Recruits

  1. If you are accepted as a recruit you will be informed directly, pending your reply, you will be transferred to the 874th Squadron which is a Training Squadron, where a pre selected Instructor Pilot will welcome you and help you to start up.
 2.  Recruit responsibility / Your way from Recruit to 2nd LT
      Tasks to perform after you have been accepted as 87th recruit. You have to be active yourself. We will not organize everything for you. We will help but you need to put the effort in it yourself.

     Week 1
     - Make sure that you have acess to the 87th Infrastucture: Our TS server, the 87th Forum, the download area with the necessary reading material for your training.
     - Make yourself known. Create a short post introducing yourself to all 87th Pilots (officers and your fellow recruits)
     - Make an appointment with any Officer for the Pre-IQT check (This is basically a connection check, makeing sure all the necessary software is in place and that our Instructor Pilots do not have to do tech support when they should focus on training you to be a virtual fighter pilot.

    If you run into any problems let us know via the forum.

    Week 2
    - Download the reading material for your first training flght (B-01)
    - Study the provided training material
    - Make an appointment for your first training flight (By signing up to an offered forum, by requesting training on the forum yourself or by talking to people), The student is responsible for organizing his own training flights.
    - Fly

  After that you should strive to complete each additional training step in a timely manner, 2 weeks are a resonable timeframe for each training step.
  Learning new things is so much easier if you contiune at a steady pace. Long gaps should be avoided.

  After completing the B02 training step you can also expect to be wellcome in regular combat flights organized by the officers. Jump into those flights if possible. You will learn things and have fun at the same time and perfection is not (yet) required.

 3. If RL rears its ugly head and you are not able to participate you have to inform the 874th leadership by email and set an away notice on the Roster.
 4. Recruits without visible activity (flights and trainings logged, questions asked on the forums. etc) can be removed from the 87th without additional communication attempts from us.

5 Officers

  1. You become an officer and a full member of the wing by completing B-(IQT) Basic Initial Qualification Training by passing the check ride with an instructor.

6 Communications Software

  1. You must have an official version of FALCON 4.0 from Microprose, with BMS installed according to the wing standard. The wing standards defined by the wing staff, is the OFFICIAL settings.
  2. Because we use real-time audio communications you must use Falcons Inbuilt Voice Communication (IVC). See the IVC Page for details.
  3. Because we meet online in Team Speak you must download and install the TS Client.
  4. When logging on to the 87th TS server, a member is permitted to make only one connection at any one time. Multiple connections for are not permitted except in special circumstances when the situation requires duplicate connections.
  5. During the application process, you must provide an internet service provider (ISP) based e-mail account for membership purposes. You must maintain a suitable ISP-based e-mail account in order to remain in good standing with the 87th and, you must ensure your Roster BIO e-mail address is up to date. Any e-mail address submitted to the 87th will not be shared outside the organization without your express prior permission. Failure to maintain such an ISP-based e-mail address is grounds for immediate discharge of your membership with the 87th Virtual Fighter Wing.
  6. When logging on to the 87th TS or Voice Server(s), a member is not permitted to leave his or her connection unattended for a period in excess of 5 hours. If a member is unable to comply with this requirement, then he or she must log off of the 87th TS or Voice Server(s).

7 Call signs

  1. The callsign must be unique within the squadron and must not sound phonetically similar to another member's callsign. Consider the following guidelines for good callsigns:
  2. Callsigns should preferably tell the other pilots something about your character, your skills or your interests.
  3. Callsigns may be max. 8 characters long. Experience has shown that callsigns with more than two syllables generally get shortened in everyday use, so if you can find a 3-5 letter callsign that would be tops.
  4. A single-word should be used or multiple-words joined together like MadMan, WildCat.
  5. It should not be a F4 generic term such as "bandit", "boogie", "hostile", "amraam", "sam", "falcon", etc.
  6. It should not be self-glorifying and should be within reasonable good taste. We do not strive to be particularly politically correct, but we are not kids either.
  7. It should not be easily confused with an existing callsign, including a variation of it (Hawk/Hellhawk or Ghost/Madghost for example).
  8. Should there be a problem with a person’s callsign and that person is unable to find a suitable callsign, one may be assigned to him by his peers, with or without consent.

8 General Code of Conduct:

  1. Members should, at all times, be courteous, honest and show mutual respect towards each other.
  2. The main effort for all members within 87th is to contribute and strive for the 87th Straydogs best, at all times.
  3. Opinions who aims for development and/or improvement should be expressed. And off course expressed in a positive way.
  4. Staff members who are addressed in issues concerning their specific “area of expertise” are obliged to respond, failing to respond based on unwillingness or unreported absence will lead to a discussion within Command regarding a relief of duty in that specific office.
  5. To become a recruit within the wing, you must first complete an application form and when eventually accepted as candidate, fill out the appropriate fields in your BIO.
  6. Your 87th callsign and bio password is your exclusive membership identification. You may not give permission or knowingly allow your identification and password to be used by anyone else.
  7. Since this is also a learning environment, everyone should remember to exercise patience and courtesy to new members and strive in all situations to help members/ recruits by “showing the way” in a positive manner in order to improve our skill and capability to fly “as real as it gets”.
  8. Members are prohibited from publishing, posting, distributing, disseminating or using any kind of defamatory, infringing, obscene, vulgar, profane, and unlawful or other such types of communications materials or information through the use of online chat boxes, Voice Server(s), or the official 87th forum forums, newsgroups and mailing lists utilized by the 87th and its squadrons. Individuals violating this rule may have their membership revoked.
  9. Members are prohibited from publishing, posting, distributing and/or disseminating any 87th information intended for its members only; that includes any post of any nature contained within the Officer and Staff Forums, official e-mails intended for members only, 87th server information (TS & Voice servers), the 87th-installer for Falcon with approved add-ons and/or material in the restricted areas of the website or manuals that are marked restricted to 87th members only. Individuals violating this rule may have their membership revoked.
  10. Members are prohibited from using 87th Facilities to threaten, harass, abuse, intimidate or stalk others or to otherwise violate the legal rights of others, including expectations to the rights of privacy and publicity. Individuals violating may have their membership revoked.
  11. Should problems arise online between individuals, the parties should first attempt to resolve any issues among themselves. If this should fail, then the parties should locate and request the services of member of staff to resolve the dispute. Failure to follow these rules may lead to disciplinary actions and discharge from Stray Dogs.
  12. Members are asked not to add any address to their respective address book(s) of the e-mail software they use. The e-mail list is for 87th internal use only and, must not be used for personal use outside the 87th. Signing up or registering for any service, or disseminating your 87th address or its mailing lists on the internet for non 87th related business using a address is strictly prohibited.

9 General Airmanship
A. Members shall, at all times, follow Wing and/or Squadron Standard Operating Procedures to the best of their abilities.
B. Members shall, at all times, adhere to the mission briefing and the mission commanders/leads directives and/or intent to the best of their abilities.
C. Members shall, at all times, exercise proper radio telephony (i.e. brevity) procedures in accordance with Wing and/or Squadron Standards.
D. Members shall, to the best of their abilities, try to maintain and advance their flying skills.

Modified by Kukki 12. NOV 2012