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- DATA -
Mission ID 45
Author Blanik
Date 2016-05-05 19:00:00
Mission Name Hornet's Nest v1.3
Duration 01:00
Mission Task OCA Strike
TS Server 87Th Stray Dogs
Server To be determined
Primary TgT Hwangiu AB’s Runway
Secondary TgT Radar, Hangars & Fuel Tanks
Alternate Airbase Singal Hwy Strip
Loadout Changeable yes
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
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OCA STRIKE 4 x F16C-52 Falcon 1 TO:09:12:47 Push: 09:22:13 ToT: 09:30:30 Homeplate: Suwon
ESCORT 2 x F16C-52 Fury 1 TO:09:11:26 Push: 09:20:48 ToT: 09:26:48 Homeplate: Suwon
SEAD ESCORT 2 x F16C-52 Cowboy 1 TO:09:12:31 Push: 09:21:53 ToT: 09:27:54 Homeplate: Suwon
Checked in Pilots: 7 Of 8

OCA STRIKE Falcon 1 - 1 Blanik
OCA STRIKE Falcon 1 - 2 Poison
OCA STRIKE Falcon 1 - 3 Hans
OCA STRIKE Falcon 1 - 4 Trippp

ESCORT Fury 1 - 1
ESCORT Fury 1 - 2 Tag (request Hornet 11 F/A-18C)
SEAD ESCORT Cowboy 1 - 1 Striker
SEAD ESCORT Cowboy 1 - 2 PopTops


Hornet's Nest v1.3

Overall Situation

After stopping DPRK’s air and ground offensive, ROK and its allied forces are preparing a counter attack. Never the less, for its success, it’s imperative that Hwangiu AB is put out of commission, in order to insure air superiority. According to INTEL, the AB is home plate to a squadron of SU-27 Flankers.

The 87Th’s mission is to destroy Hwangiu AB’s Runway (primary target), Radar, Hangars and Fuel Tanks (all secondary targets).


Note: Seats will be distributed according to flight experience. The goal is to avoid having all the "TopGuns" in one flight and the less experienced Pilots in the other flights. So be prepared to change seats/flights, as a result of the Mission Commander's strategy.