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- DATA -
Mission ID 49
Author Momps
Date 2016-06-13 01:10:00
Mission Name Gemini
Duration 01:00
Mission Task Strike
TS Server TS1
Server TBD
Primary TgT Yalu Bridge
Secondary TgT Yalu Bridge
Alternate Airbase
Loadout Changeable no
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
Download Mission File Gemini.rar

STRIKE 4 x F16C-42 Python 1 TO:03:40:00 Push: 03:55:00 ToT: 04:04:00 Homeplate: -
ESCORT 2 x F16C-42 Snake 1 TO:03:41:00 Push: 03:56:15 ToT: 04:04:15 Homeplate: -
STRIKE 4 x - Eagle 1 TO:03:39:00 Push: 03:55:06 ToT: 04:06:05 Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 7 Of 10

STRIKE Python 1 - 1 Rhino
STRIKE Python 1 - 2 Amway
STRIKE Python 1 - 3 Growler
STRIKE Python 1 - 4 Momps

ESCORT Snake 1 - 1 Reaper
ESCORT Snake 1 - 2

STRIKE Eagle 1 - 1 Nitro
STRIKE Eagle 1 - 2 Tag
STRIKE Eagle 1 - 3
STRIKE Eagle 1 - 4


In late 1950 UN forces advanced far into North Korea. The North Korean army was routed and retreated into China attempting to regroup. The Rules of Engagement had forbidden UN forces from striking the North Koreas on Chinese soil. On November 18 1950, Corsair’s from the U.S.S. Leyte, stationed off the east coast of North Korea, were tasked with bombing two bridges joining China with North Korea near the city of Sinanju. The Yalu bridges had to be destroyed and no aircraft could cross into Chinese airspace or attack any targets on the Chinese side of the Yalu River even if they fired at the Corsairs.


Mission Objectives:

This mission is adapted from the Yalu bridge strike.Destroy the two southernmost bridges that cross the Yalu River to prevent the Korean army from crossing the river back into Korea.


Jackal: South Yalu Bridge (F-16)

Wildcat: Escort (f-16)

Hornet: North Yalu Bridge (F-18)