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- DATA -
Mission ID 60
Author Momps
Date 2017-07-07 01:00:00
Mission Name Gas Mask Charlie
Duration 01:00
Mission Task Strike
TS Server TS3
Server TBD
Primary TgT Runway
Secondary TgT Ammo dump
Alternate Airbase
Loadout Changeable no
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
Download Mission File Gas Mask Charlie.rar

STRIKE 2 x F16C-52 Snake 1 TO:4:30:00 Push: 04:47:00 ToT: 5:00 Homeplate: -
ESCORT 2 x F-16C-50 Stud 1 TO:4:30:00 Push: 04:47:00 ToT: 5:00 Homeplate: -
SEAD ESCORT 2 x F16C-52 Viper 1 TO:4:30:00 Push: 04:47:00 ToT: 5:00 Homeplate: -
STRIKE 2 x F16C-52 Weasel 1 TO:4:30:00 Push: 04:47:00 ToT: 5:00 Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 4 Of 8

STRIKE Snake 1 - 1 Amway
STRIKE Snake 1 - 2

ESCORT Stud 1 - 1
ESCORT Stud 1 - 2

SEAD ESCORT Viper 1 - 1 Jezzder
SEAD ESCORT Viper 1 - 2

STRIKE Weasel 1 - 1 Rhino
STRIKE Weasel 1 - 2 Momp

Gas Mask Charlie


On 4 April 12, 2017, President Bashar al-Assad employed the use of toxic gas in the Idlib Province and a confirmed 69 civilians have died. Mig-23s from Shayrat AB delivered the bombs. The Asad Chemical Facility, the Damascus Chemical Complex, and the Fthirma Missile Research Site were destroyed by the 877th in Gas Mask Alpha and Bravo. The Syrian Air Force  experienced signifcant losses, seriously affecting its ability to repel attacks. The ground-based air defense sites have been attrited rendering them ineffective. Russian aircraft and air defenses have been sent in to reinforce Syrian defenses. Syrian forces are on a full state of alert.


The 87th (v) Fighter Squadron has been tasked with the complete destruction of all military assets at the Shayrat Airbase.