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- DATA -
Mission ID 63
Author Blanik
Date 2018-09-15 23:00:00
Mission Name Free Montenegro M1c
Duration 01:00
Mission Task Strike
TS Server 877's
Server Blanik's(?)
Primary TgT Podgorica's RNW
Secondary TgT Enemy's Air Defenses
Alternate Airbase San Pancrazio AB
Loadout Changeable yes
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
Download Mission File Op Free

SEAD ESCORT 2 x F16C-52 Fury 1 TO:08:09:13 Push: 08:23:08 ToT: Homeplate: -
ESCORT 2 x F16C-52 Falcon 1 TO:08:09:51 Push: 08:23:46 ToT: Homeplate: -
STRIKE 2 x F16C-52 Cowboy 1 TO:08:12:52 Push: 08:30:48 ToT: Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 4 Of 6

SEAD ESCORT Fury 1 - 1
SEAD ESCORT Fury 1 - 2 Blanik

ESCORT Falcon 1 - 1
ESCORT Falcon 1 - 2 Lawman
STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 1 Rhino
STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 2 Amway


Free Montenegro M1c

There is an aditional carrier based F-18F 2 ship flight (Hornet1), with SEAD STRIKE mision type that can, eventualy, be flown by humans.


Overall Situation

After the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Montenegrins, driving them into neighboring countries, the military forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) invaded Montenegro, claiming the country as one more of its states.(...)
(....) NATO launched a campaign without UN authorization, which it described as a humanitarian intervention, in an attempt to restore Montenegro's freedom.


The 87th Stray Dogs Virtual Fighter Wing was given the assignment of
destroying Podgorica’s Runways which, according to INTEL, is an operational
base for a fleet of MiG 29A, with the ultimate goal of air supremacy.